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Compliance Solutions | DNC | TCPA

Compliance Solutions | DNC | TCPA

Award-winning, cloud-based software with features that work for you



for fast web integration


CRM and Dialer Integration

Automatic updates

direct from regulatory sources

Rapid list processing

and detailed reporting



Up to date

 and reliable data sources

Find TCPA Solutions That Work for Your Business

Comprehensive scrubbing against all applicable Do Not Call databases and scrubs to comply with TPCA requirements:

  • DNCScrub® Identifies both wireless carriers, blocked numbers, and ported wireless numbers. Available for U.S and Canada.
  • Wireless ID℠ Identifies wireless and ported phone numbers. Valuable for call compliance and text messaging compliance.
  • VoIP ID℠ identifies VoIP numbers.

Scrub just one or small batches of numbers:

  • QuickScrub® Allows users to enter one, several or a small batch of phone numbers.

Remove known Litigators and serial Plaintiffs from your Data:

  • Litigator Scrub® is an award-winning compliance solution that identifies serial plaintiffs and potential litigator traps in your data, preventing the risk of contacting them in your next campaign.

Automated notifications eliminate guesswork:

  • EBRNotify® sends email notifications informing you of existing business relationships that are nearing their expiration dates.

Automatically scrub records after Do-Not-Call updates:

  • RetroScrub® offers an important DNC solution by retroactively scrubbing records every time a State or Federal DNC database update occurs.

Suppress contact with specific states:

  • GeoScrub suppresses calls using Federal or State filters that prohibit telemarketing calls during a declared state of emergency and federal holidays.

Adhere to Canada’s Do Not Call List and identify number type:

  • Canadian Do-Not-Call List Scrubbing.
  • Identify wireless carriers, blocked numbers, and ported wireless numbers.

Comprehensive Enterprise package: