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Mobile Communications TCPA Webinar: Access Recorded Version

Tue, 02/10/2015 - 15:59

Mobile Communications TCPA Webinar: Access Recorded Version

Mobile Communications TCPA Webinar: Access Recorded Version

The FCC's amended TCPA rules (October 16, 2013) have been in force for a little over a year now, and companies are faced with more compliance obstacles than ever in their mobile marketing activities.  The rules also add fuel to the explosion of TCPA consumer and privacy class action suits.  

Companies that use text messages, mobile apps and other wireless communications to promote their products and services must make sure that their marketing practices – and those of any third-party vendors that they use – comply with the new TCPA requirements for express written consent, opt outs and recordkeeping in order to minimize the risk of penalties and lawsuits. 

In this webinar, Loeb & Loeb LLP partner Christine Reilly and David Kaminski, partner at Carlson and Messer, LLP will explain the new TCPA rules and their implications for companies, and provides strategies to ensure TCPA-compliant mobile communications. 

These leading experts will review these and other key questions: 
•  What are the latest TCPA enforcement trends and litigation developments? 
•  What are the TCPA requirements for mobile marketers, including express written consent, opt outs, and recordkeeping and where are companies at risk for potential liability? 
•  What measures should companies adopt to ensure that their written consent practices comply with the TCPA rules? 
•  How should companies manage the ambiguities of the rules with respect to automated dialing systems?
•   Can written consent under the former telemarketing rules be grandfathered into the new rules? 
•  What best practices should companies employ to meet regulatory standards and minimize liability?
•  What are the vicarious liability implications from using third party vendors to make calls and text messages?  

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