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Risks of Text Notifications Mini Guide

Risks of Text Notifications Mini Guide

Risks of Text Notifications Mini Guide


Automatic text notifications can be cost-effective and convenient, but take a lesson from numerous recent civil suits and learn the risks before sending that next text. There are only a few exceptions under the TCPA for text notifications that may be subject to exemption, and each still carries a heavy burden of uncertainty. Equip yourself with the knowledge and TCPA compliance resources you need to protect your assets and your brand from serious damage.

The 3 Biggest Risks

  • Do Not Call (DNC) Lists
    In a word, it’s complex. Staying compliant means adhering to the Federal DNC List, all 12 State DNC lists and your company’s internal DNC list. As required, you must also provide cell phone scrubbing records to government agencies and individuals in the timeframe and format the FTC, FCC, state attorneys general, and private litigants may require.
  • Litigators
    TCPA litigation has become a multi-million dollar industry and professional plaintiffs will stop at nothing to trick well-meaning companies into texting them. Identifying and removing known litigators and professional plaintiffs is your best defense against outrageous settlements and crippling judgements.
  • Reassigned Numbers
    Texting the wrong person is not just embarrassing, it can also be financially devastating. With a near zero-tolerance for texting the wrong person under the TCPA and over 100,000 mobile numbers reassigned by wireless carriers everyday there is an enormous chance of exposure. Reassigned number and text verification scrubbing is absolutely essential to mitigating TCPA risk in this regulatory environment.

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