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Contact Center Compliance Announces Litigator Scrub®

Contact Center Compliance Announces Litigator Scrub®

Posted by Ben Stark on Tue, 02/10/2015 - 16:01

Litigator Scrub® aids to mitigate risk by identifying potential litigator traps in your data.

Contact centers and sellers are virtually all at risk from the growing group of professional serial lawsuit filers hiding amongst contact data. Historically, it has been difficult to remove these setup schemes from marketing campaigns, but now there is hope with our new solution for enhanced scrubbing of professional litigants.

Litigator Scrub® mitigates TCPA and related lawsuit risk by identifying potential litigator traps in your data before you call known plaintiffs and attorneys. Protect your business from costly serial plaintiffs and class actions by removing these numbers today.

Since the October 2013 TCPA amendment, TCPA lawsuits have increased significantly. Sources currently report that between January and August 2014, lawsuits increased more than 31%.

During a webinar, 30% of participants reporting their businesses had been targeted by a TCPA litigator. 

These private, professional plaintiffs make a living suing telemarketers by going out of their way to receive autodialed calls by changing their telephone numbers, buying large blocks of numbers and by leaving their number off of the national DNC list.

Until now tracking these professional plaintiffs has been extremely difficult. With Contact Center Compliance’s new Litigator Scrub® solution, we have taken serious measures to decrease the risk these professional plaintiffs pose to telemarketers.

The Litigator Scrub® solution is designed to mitigate risk from calling into the many call traps and schemes used by these professional plaintiffs to generate lucrative class action settlements.

To further assist our clients, the solution is integrated with DNCScrubSM which allows marketers to not only scrub wireless and DNC numbers but also take additional steps to mitigate TCPA compliance risk prior to placing a call or text message.

Ron Allen, CEO of Contact Center Compliance, says “The key in today’s heavily litigious compliance environment is to partner with a reliable solution that not only covers the regulatory compliance requirements, but one that has on eye on the professional plaintiff situation to remain viable. A single class action can easily close a contact center. Litigator Scrub® mitigates the biggest risk facing contact centers: TCPA and the onslaught of vexatious class action lawsuits.”

Now more than ever, contact centers and sellers need to aggressively identify and remove wireless phones and VoIP lines from their calling lists, as well as the known numbers of TCPA plaintiffs.  

Contact us for a free test of your data and to check if you have potential hidden litigator traps in your marketing or collection databases.