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FCC Launches Robocall Mitigation Database

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Posted by Chris Alarie on Thu, 04/22/2021 - 13:23

On Tuesday, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced its latest effort to combat illegal robocalls: the creation of the Robocall Mitigation Database. Voice service providers will be required to use the database to inform the FCC of their efforts at mitigating unlawful robocalls. Voice providers are expected to file certifications in the database that attest to their efforts to stem the origination of illegal robocalls on their networks.

FCC Acting Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel is quoted in the press release: “Protecting consumers from scammers that use robocall and spoofing tools is a top priority. To succeed, we not only need an all- hands-on-deck response from government, but we need industry commitment and focus. Our message to providers is clear: certify under penalty of perjury the steps you are taking to stop illegal robocalls, or we will block your calls.”

These efforts are a part of the FCC’s larger goals to stop illegal robocalls, including work to implement the various provisions of the TRACED Act and to push for the adoption of STIR/SHAKEN call authentication protocols. Voice service providers have until September 28, 2021 to comply with the Robocall Mitigation Database. As of that date, phone companies will be required to refuse traffic from providers who are not in compliance.