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Personal Liability

The TCPA and Personal Liability

Litigation under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) generally targets companies, whether that means telemarketing companies or the sellers that hire them. But there is a legal precedent for TCPA complaints—and the potentially expensive penalties that go with them—to be filed against employees and corporate officers under a theory of individual liability.

Examining the Strategies of a TCPA Litigator

This article covers some of the most frequently used techniques by litigators, the sorts of businesses that they target, and some of the most prominent and illustrative TCPA judgments and settlements.

Did you know that your neck could be on the line?

A new ruling in New York specifies that litigators can effectively go after well-intentioned individuals for TCPA violations, not just businesses. The ruling also extends prosecution beyond those who directly committed the violation. Anyone associated with the action, such as a supervisor or director could be held responsible.