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Why CEOs and Compliance Officers Love Contact Center Compliance

industry leader

Mon, 09/14/2020 - 09:46

An industry leader for over 20 years, Contact Center Compliance has helped countless companies comply with Do Not Call (DNC) list regulations and the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). Our suite of cloud-based compliance solutions protects companies from federal and state regulators, professional plaintiffs and serial litigators, and—most importantly—from brand damage.

Our consulting division is now a leader in marketing and customer engagement compliance. We provide strategy and process improvement for compliance management with a focus on federal and state telemarketing registration, compliance risk assessments, vendor compliance audits and reviews, TCPA defense strategies, TCPA safe harbor guidance, CTIA best practices, and CallerID reputation management.

Whatever your need or industry, Contact Center Compliance is here to help you steer clear of risk and maximize your call deliverability.

Here are ten reasons why CEOs and Compliance Officers love working with Contact Center Compliance:

  1. Built from the ground up and maintained daily by real people
    Unlike other compliance services that use cloned and rebranded software, our unparalleled suite of compliance tools were built by industry experts from the ground up.
  2. Zero violations, zero lawsuits, and zero fines
    Our record speaks for itself. We pride ourselves on maintaining comprehensive, accurate data and deep compliance expertise in order to provide our clients with the best products and strategic guidance. We're proud that none of our clients have ever incurred a violation, lawsuit, or fine because of inaccurate data.
  3. Maximize your call deliverability
    Monitor your caller ID reputation with our real-time monitoring and alerts dashboard, a tool that provides actionable intelligence to help you address unwanted call labeling and blocking issues. Proactively monitor the trust reputation or "spam likely" reputation of your outposted caller ID and get email notifications when it could directly impact your call deliverability.
  4. Increase your revenue
    Don't waste time calling phone numbers that aren't worth your time. Scrub your outbound lists for disconnected numbers, reassigned wireless numbers, FTC regulators, and known serial litigators.
  5. Integrate your way
    Whether you need to connect to your Salesforce CRM, integrate with your dialer, or link any other proprietary software, we have you covered. For enterprise-level customers, we offer our well-documented and easy to use API. 
  6. Not just another litigator list
    Our Litigator Scrub is not just another clone of the phone number list many of our competitors use. Each number on our list is backed by real case files and contact details verified with an FBI-level search to ensure accuracy.
  7. We'll save your bacon
    In 2019, there was a monthly average of 540,000 FTC consumer complaints about unwanted telemarketing calls. The fines from FTC enforcement are in the tens of millions. The average cost of a TCPA class action settlement is $6.6 million. A solid compliance strategy could save your company millions in penalties and irreversible brand damage.
  8. We've got the data you need
    In addition to our comprehensive compliance services, we also offer a multitude of data appending and verification options. Fill in the blank spaces in your calling lists with appended emails, addresses, phone numbers, and much more. Verify you're calling the right party and gain visibility into consumer insights and buying behavior.
  9. Your privacy and data security is our priority
    We take the utmost care to secure your data by meeting or exceeding industry standards in areas such as:
    • Segmenting data
    • Advanced firewalls with intrusion detection and prevention capabilities
    • Encrypting data in transit
    • Encrypting data at rest
    • Maintaining PCI Compliance
    • Regular security scans
    • Regular penetration tests
    • Strict patching and maintenance schedules
    • Strong data retention and destruction policies
    • Least access methodology
    • Performing background checks for all employees
  10. We have 20+ years of experience
    We're not just industry experts; we're industry leaders. Our team has deep roots in the direct marketing industry. We began engineering our own compliance solutions when those that we found on the market seemed to fall short of what our own call centers needed to be fully protected against TCPA and DNC violations.