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Illegal Robocalls Are Focus Of Senate Hearing

The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) updated the U.S. Senate on the progress of their fight against illegal robocalls and the harm inflicted on consumers and legitimate business. The April 18th hearing examined the problem of malicious spoofing and abusive robocalls designed to defraud consumers.

Vroom Wins TCPA Text Messaging Lawsuit

Vroom, Inc., an online car retailer, received a favorable ruling from the Southern District of Florida in March that is good news for business that use automated text messaging. The lawsuit dealt with the issue of consent and the type of consent required as defined by the TCPA.

May 2018 Holiday Call Restrictions

Calls to these states on restricted dates could result in a State violation.

  • May 4th: Rhode Island Independence Day
  • May 21st: Victoria Day (National Patriots' Day in Quebec)
  • May 28th: Memorial Day
  • National Memorial Day/Jefferson Davis' Birthday

2018 July TCPA Compliance Summit

Join us on July 10th at the Park Hyatt in Chicago. So much has happened already this year, especially with the recent DC Circuit decision on the FCC's 2015 TCPA Declaratory Order. How will the court's ruling affect your business? What other hidden compliance dangers await you in 2018?

Strict ATDS Definition Results In TCPA Court Win

In Marshall v. The CBE Group, Inc. the plaintiff filed a TCPA lawsuit alleging that The CBE Group had called her using an ATDS. Citing the recent ACA v. FCC decision and stating that it would apply a strict definition of an ATDS, the court held that CBE's, "communications infrastructure does not constitute an ATDS."

Telemarketing Law Updates: Florida & West Virginia

States are continuing to enact telemarketing restrictions which are more stringent than their federal counterparts. The following are recent updates to the state telemarketing laws in Florida and West Virginia that you should be aware of before dialing into those states.