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TCPA Liability Adds up Quickly

Last week the FCC released a forfeiture order against Travel Club and several other related parties imposing a fine of $2,960,000. This fine was based on 185 unsolicited robocalls in violation of the TCPA (185 violations x $16,000 per violation).

Review of FCC’s new Declaratory Ruling and Order

n June 18, 2015 the FCC held an open meeting during which they voted to approve an omnibus package of declaratory rulings (the “Order”) that address 21 petitions received by the FCC concerning the interpretation and implementation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (“TCPA”).

FCC TCPA Declatory Ruling Released

Commission Responds to Requests from Businesses and Attorneys General for Guidance on Robocall Blocking, Autodialers, Recycled Phone Numbers and More.

4th of July and other State Holidays for July

With the 4th of July Holiday fast approaching, it is important to note there are several state restrictions in place for outbound calls during the holiday period. These include:

Friday, July 3: Alabama, Louisiana, Utah*

Saturday, July 4: Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Rhode Island, Utah*

Monday, July 6: Rhode Island*

*Independence Day Observed