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7 Point FCC Strategy to Defeat Illegal Robocalls

The FCC adopted the Consumer Advisory Committee’s (CAC) recommendation for unwanted call blocking during their September 18th meeting. The intent of the seven action items is to focus on the importance of allowing voice-service providers the flexibility to address illegal robocalls in a way that does not inadvertently block legitimate business-to-consumer calls.

TCPA Wireless Regulations

TCPA regulations have forced a shift in marketing strategies to be more focused on "permission based" marketing practices. The burden of proof for obtaining "prior written consent" rests with the company initiating the contact with the customer.

Reassigned Phone Numbers: The "One Call" Rule Solution

At the beginning of every telemarketing campaign you faithfully scrub cell phone numbers. But when your ATDS dials a cell phone are you sure the person answering is the same person that provided you with permission to call in the first place? The wrong answer could prove costly to your business as it has for many others.

5 Major B2B Scrubbing Solutions Offer TCPA Protection

Are you a business-to-business marketer? If so, it is likely that your business has shown little concern for the TCPA and its consumer cell phone regulations. After all, you’re only seeking to solicit business on landlines which are exempt from DNC and TCPA. But in this era of rampant TCPA lawsuits, you should be as concerned as are business-to-consumer marketers.

TSI Claims Court Victory in ATDS Debate

Transworld Systems Inc. (TSI) scored another victory in its defense against a TCPA lawsuit that sought to categorize their LiveVox Human Call Initiator devise as an Automated Dialing System (ATDS). The plaintiff claimed that TSI violated the TCPA when they made multiple debt collections calls to his cellphone without his prior expressed consent.

80 Lawsuits – A Serial Litigator’s Success Story

He calls himself a private attorney general—someone who files lawsuits in the public interest. But debt collection agencies have another name for him … Serial Litigator. Craig Cunningham has filed over 80 consumer protection lawsuits against companies that made the mistake of calling him on past due debts.

LA Lakers Lose Appeal For TCPA Litigation Coverage

On August 23, 2017 the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed the district court’s decision that the “invasion of privacy” exclusion in the Los Angeles Lakers’ Directors and Officers (D&O) insurance policy excluded them from recovering legal costs resulting from their defense against a TCPA claim.

$8.3 Million CITGO TCPA Class Action Settlement

CITGO agreed to the $8.3 million settlement of a TCPA class action lawsuit involving unsolicited text messages sent to contacts acquired from entries in a prior sweepstakes they had sponsored.  Matthew Gottlieb alleged that he received texts from CITGO on three separate occasions in 2016 without his consent.

Are You At Risk?

Find out if your business is TCPA compliant.