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November 2017 Holiday Call Restrictions

Calls to these states on restricted dates could result in a State violation.

  • November 11th: Veterans Day
  • November 11th: Armistice Day
  • November 11th: Remembrance Day
  • November 23rd: Thanksgiving Day

7 Keys to Avoid TCPA & DNC Lawsuits

Marketers are experts at optimizing sales and increasing profits. That’s what you do best. But in order to excel in your career, you must always be prepared for the court’s next interpretation of the FCC’s technically outdated TCPA or DNC regulations.

Uber’s $20 Million Settlement Ends Texting Lawsuit

Maria Vergara filed the lawsuit against Uber on August 7, 2015. She alleged receiving at least eight unsolicited text messages asking her to complete the sign-up process for Uber’s rideshare service, even though she had never signed up for an Uber account.

Real Estate Agents: Are You DNC Compliant?

Because real estate agents are independent contractors, there is an assumption that DNC rules do not apply. After all, they only apply to big businesses and you are an individual who will go unnoticed by FTC regulators – both assumptions are false.


Effective immediately a state of emergency has been declared in the following states due to severe weather from Tropical Storm Nate:

7 Point FCC Strategy to Defeat Illegal Robocalls

The FCC adopted the Consumer Advisory Committee’s (CAC) recommendation for unwanted call blocking during their September 18th meeting. The intent of the seven action items is to focus on the importance of allowing voice-service providers the flexibility to address illegal robocalls in a way that does not inadvertently block legitimate business-to-consumer calls.