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TCPA Compliance Tips

5 Simple Tips Help Telemarketers Win TCPA Lawsuits

Professional plaintiffs make their living off extracting large settlements from TCPA lawsuits against telemarketers for alleged regulatory violations that can go back several years. Here are few tips that will help mitigate the risks faced by call centers and provide you with standing in court.

Should Your Small Business Fear The TCPA?

For small business owners who use telemarketing, each call puts your business at risk of paying millions in fines under the TCPA. Are you familiar with the regulations and their court interpretations?

7 Keys to Avoid TCPA & DNC Lawsuits

Marketers are experts at optimizing sales and increasing profits. That’s what you do best. But in order to excel in your career, you must always be prepared for the court’s next interpretation of the FCC’s technically outdated TCPA or DNC regulations.

Real Estate Agents: Are You DNC Compliant?

Because real estate agents are independent contractors, there is an assumption that DNC rules do not apply. After all, they only apply to big businesses and you are an individual who will go unnoticed by FTC regulators – both assumptions are false.

TCPA Wireless Regulations

TCPA regulations have forced a shift in marketing strategies to be more focused on "permission based" marketing practices. The burden of proof for obtaining "prior written consent" rests with the company initiating the contact with the customer.

Reassigned Phone Numbers: The "One Call" Rule Solution

At the beginning of every telemarketing campaign you faithfully scrub cell phone numbers. But when your ATDS dials a cell phone are you sure the person answering is the same person that provided you with permission to call in the first place? The wrong answer could prove costly to your business as it has for many others.

5 Major B2B Scrubbing Solutions Offer TCPA Protection

Are you a business-to-business marketer? If so, it is likely that your business has shown little concern for the TCPA and its consumer cell phone regulations. After all, you’re only seeking to solicit business on landlines which are exempt from DNC and TCPA. But in this era of rampant TCPA lawsuits, you should be as concerned as are business-to-consumer marketers.

12 States That Still Manage "Do Not Call" Lists in 2017

Most states that once had “Do Not Call” registries now share the National DNC Registry, but there are still a few holdouts that continue to maintain their own lists. Before telemarketers call into any of these twelve states, they must purchase a subscription to that state’s DNC list.