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Call Center Compliance Consulting | TCPA Guidance & Best Practices

TCPA Compliance Consulting | TCPA Guidance

The TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) is a complex statute, originally passed into law nearly 30 years ago, that regulates the use of technology that didn’t even exist when it was written such as SMS / text messages. Compliance is made even more complicated by ongoing FCC rulemaking, ever-changing court opinion, and the passage of related laws and state-level legislation. How can a company be expected to stay compliant with all these confusing rules and regulations? It can seem impossible for a company to navigate the shifting currents of TCPA compliance. If this sounds like a familiar problem for your business, then TCPA compliance consulting could be right for you.

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What will I get from TCPA consulting?

Compliance risk assessment

Even the healthiest businesses may not be aware of the vast, arcane world of TCPA compliance. That is our bailiwick. Our experts will use their knowledge to assess the TCPA risks that your business may face.

TCPA defense strategies

We can compound the value of our TCPA risk assessment by offering you proactive strategies that you can implement to protect your business from facing litigation and running afoul of regulators. 

TCPA marketing best practices

Our experts can also supply you with broader best practices, tailored to your business, that you can use as a framework to make compliance-related decisions in the future.

TCPA compliance solutions recommendations

Do you already have specific questions about TCPA compliance? Our experts can answer those for you, as well as any others that may come up in the future.

TCPA safe harbor guidance

The choppy waters of telemarketing regulations do contain certain safe harbors. However, they have very specific applications and procedures that can be difficult to keep straight. Our experts can guide you to those safe harbor provisions and help ensure that you don’t get caught swimming with the sharks without the life preserver of safe harbor.

TCPA text message compliance

Nearly half of all TCPA lawsuits filed are text / SMS related. Even though the TCPA was written long before modern text messaging became widely used, courts and the FCC have consistently held that text messages should be considered the same as phone calls under the TCPA. Our compliance experts can help you understand what this means for your text message campaigns. Additionally, we will evaluate your current practices and establish solid rules for obtaining and documenting SMS consent.

State and Federal Registration Services

Obtaining the required telemarketing registrations you need to conduct business can be a daunting task. With our expert help, we can get your company registered in all applicable states and get the required subscription or licenses you need to access the state and Federal Do Not Call lists.

CTIA Best Practices

We will help you develop best practices based on the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association’s wireless standards. Combine our expertise with the CTIA's institutional knowledge to develop safe procedures for text messaging that drastically reduce your potential exposure.

Personal liability assessment

Among the many risks associated with the TCPA is the possibility of individual corporate officers being the target of litigation or regulatory enforcement. Our experts can help you avoid this by conducting individual risk assessments for all of your CXOs.

How does TCPA consulting help my company keep the wolves at bay?



Let us share our expertise on the vast, complex world of TCPA regulations.



Our experts can help you craft procedures and practices that will drastically reduce your risk of running afoul of TCPA or falling prey to unscrupulous litigation.



We can supply you with our industry-leading suite of compliance software.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I navigate the TCPA?

The complex regulatory web of FCC decision-making and court opinion surrounding the TCPA makes it difficult to navigate. The best way to navigate the TCPA is to have a navigator such as a compliance consultant who is well versed in TCPA call center consulting.

What is the best TCPA defense?

Your best TCPA defense is to understand your compliance risk now and implement proactive strategies to help you stay protected. This includes getting a compliance risk assessment and routine audits of your policies and procedures. Whatever your situation, our team of compliance consulting experts has your back.

What does a compliance consulting audit review cover?

A Compliance Risk Assessment (CRA) is an essential part of ensuring a robust compliance program. It is designed to accurately assess and provide key insights into the following: the risk profile of the firm, compliance and regulatory risks faced by the business, compliance risks arising from business activities relative to its industry, and a clear picture of the strength of the business control environment and infrastructure to mitigate or ameliorate compliance issues.

Why should I consider compliance consulting?

Does your customer service call center use call lists or make use of auto dialers? Do you make outbound calls? Are you sure your call records are meticulous enough? Whether you need DNC consulting, TCPA compliance consulting, telemarketing consulting, or just general call center guidance, consulting may be right for you.

What is compliance consulting?

A qualified TCPA and DNC compliance consultant will provide your company the guidance it needs to avoid fines, penalties, and regulatory pitfalls.

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