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Wireless ID℠

Wireless ID℠
The industry’s trusted safeguard against TCPA violations when using an auto dialer to contact wireless devices.

Wireless ID℠ identifies not only those numbers with a wireless prefix and numbers in wireless no call states, but most importantly those that were previously landlines but have now been ported to wireless. Wireless numbers can be identified in real-time or in batch processing.


Our TCPA Solutions:



the most complete wireless data directly from the telecom carriers themselves


wireless phone number changes in real-time

Easily integrates

with the operational flow of marketing campaigns

Wireless ID℠

  • Identifies wiresless numbers and numbers in wireless no call states
  • Identifies ported numbers (transferred from landline to wireless)
  • Updates your CRM in real-time via API

Learn more about Wireless ID℠ and begin the process of safeguarding your company from unwanted litigation.