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Wireless ID℠
The industry’s trusted safeguard against TCPA violations when using an auto dialer to contact wireless devices.

Whether a voice call or text message, Wireless ID℠ identifies wireless numbers in real-time or in batch processing. With our Call Confidence Score appended to each record of the return file, you can be confident that you’re reaching the intended party.


Our TCPA Solutions:



the most complete wireless data directly from the telecom carriers themselves


wireless phone number changes in real-time Reduces wait with two-hour phone number verification turnaround time

Easily integrates

with the operational flow of marketing campaigns

Wireless ID℠

  • Identifies and verifies critical data elements like phone, address and name for contact identification
  • Identifies disconnected and reassigned wireless numbers
  • Scores each contact with Calling Confidence Score
  • Ideal for fraud detection
  • Confirms data via API

Learn more about Wireless ID℠ and begin the process of safeguarding your company from unwanted litigation.

Our Data Sources are unique, authoritative and differentiated

While many source data providers rely on one or two data types, we source our data from diverse sources including:

  • Telco-based sources including wireless, wireline, VoIP and DA feeds
  • Actual shopper and purchase transaction data
  • Real estate, property information, deed and mover data
  • Email and IP-related data sources
  • Voter registration data

Are You At Risk?

Find out if your business is TCPA compliant.