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TCPA for the Cannabis Industry


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The TCPA remains as important as ever. New bills in Congress build off of its framework, further entrenching it as the centerpiece of telemarketing regulations. TCPA lawsuits continue to be filed at increasing frequency and the risk of class actions increases. Court rulings continue to expand the scope of the statute while keeping the definition of ATDS unclear.

Join us at the Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach on July 20th, 2021, for a full day of content with our diverse panel of legal minds and industry experts. Network with our speakers and with fellow compliance and privacy professionals.

Past Events

Fourth Annual Scottsdale Compliance Summit

Fourth Annual Scottsdale Compliance Summit

SUMMIT EVENT DATE: Wednesday April 1, 2015

Join us in sunny Scottsdale at the famous Hyatt Gainey Ranch Resort for the latest information on the FCC Petitions for TCPA reform and potential rulings from the top TCPA attorneys practicing today, including David Kaminski and Eric Allen.

Registration for this event has ended.