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Litigator Scrub®

Batch Scrub TCPA Litigators from Call & Text Lists

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Litigator Scrub® is the industry’s trusted cloud-based defense against serial plaintiffs and “lawsuit mill” litigators who target and entrap companies for TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) violations.

  • Recommended for text marketing campaigns - the hottest area of TCPA litigation.
  • Works for both inbound and outbound campaigns
  • Identifies serial TCPA plaintiffs & serial litigators while running wireless, VoIP, and DNC (Do Not Call) list scrubs and helping you maintain TCPA compliance
  • Updated in real-time from original court documents
  • Authoritative data sources exclusive to Contact Center Compliance
  • Easy connectivity with multiple integrations and RESTful API

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Identify serial TCPA litigators and professional plaintiffs in your data

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use Litigator Scrub®?

It's simply the best way to mitigate your risk of a TCPA lawsuit. Approximately one-third of TCPA lawsuits originate from a small group of repeat serial plaintiffs and litigators. Identifying these repeat players before any inbound or outbound campaign is the smartest preventative measure companies can enact to reduce their exposure to TCPA related risk.

How does Litigator Scrub® work?

We identify serial TCPA plaintiffs and litigators in your calling lists using our proprietary database. Once identified, we can flag and remove them from your data while running Wireless, VoIP, and DNC scrubs.

Does Litigator Scrub® work on inbound and outbound campaigns?

Yes, it works on both inbound and outbound campaigns.

When should I run Litigator Scrub®?

You should run Litigator Scrub® before any calling campaign.

How can I choose the best TCPA litigator list?

Litigator Scrub® is the industry’s trusted cloud-based defense against TCPA violations. We built Litigator Scrub® from the ground up using real case files and authoritative data sources. We have over 20 years of experience in direct marketing and built Litigator Scrub® to fit our own needs. We have performed over 70 billion scrubs to date, and our customers have incurred zero violations, fines, or lawsuits as a result of inaccurate data. 

What is a TCPA Litigator List?

A TCPA litigator list is a comprehensive database of names, phone numbers, and associated case files of TCPA litigators, professional plaintiffs, and persons involved with TCPA litigation. The contact data for litigators on our TCPA litigator list is verified with an FBI level search.

What is a TCPA litigator shark?

A TCPA litigator shark is a lawyer or professional plaintiff who uses the TCPA to their advantage for nefarious purposes to generate lawsuits against TCPA violators. They take advantage of the statute’s status as the biggest cash cow in the history of American class action practice.

How often should I update my TCPA Litigator List?

New TCPA claims are filed every day. You should always check for litigators before you begin a new calling or texting campaign. More than 200 claims were filed in each month of 2019. Use Litigator Scrub® frequently to protect your business from class actions, legal fees, and other statutory damages.

How do I do a Litigator Scrub® in batches?

Our API supports litigator scrubbing in batches for both inbound and outbound campaigns. Batch files can also be uploaded via secure file transfer and automatically scrubbed nightly.

If I use Litigator Scrub® do I still need Express Written Consent?

You should always be proactive in getting Prior Consent before you make calls or send texts. Litigator Scrub® cannot prevent alleged violations due to unsolicited calls. It is just one of many tools you can use in your call center to maintain TCPA compliance.

Is Litigator Scrub® worth it?

Our litigator solution provides better value by offering real-time scrubbing, monitoring services with advanced technologies, to mitigate your risk of legal complaints, demand letters, and outrageous settlements. Protecting your business from irreparable brand damage is with every penny.

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$35 million

Drazen v.

Cruises Inc

$12.5 million

Charvat v. Valente