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Terms and Conditions

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Limitations on Communications

All communications sent to me will relate to Contact Center Compliance's products, services, events, or other topics I have requested information about. The frequency of messages may vary and depends on my interactions with Contact Center Compliance. Message and data rates may apply for text messages. My consent to receive these communications is not required as a condition of purchasing any goods or services from Contact Center Compliance. Below is our policy on TCPA and GDPR compliance:

  1. Introduction - This section outlines our compliance with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and your consent to receive communications from us. We value your privacy and aim to ensure a positive experience.
  2. Consent for Communications - By using this website and providing your contact information, you grant consent for us to communicate with you via emails, calls, texts messages, and other means. This consent meets TCPA requirements.
  3. Types of Communications - We may contact you for marketing, promotions, account updates, newsletters, surveys, and other purposes relevant to your relationship with us. These help provide a customized experience.
  4. Opt-In and Opt-Out - You can opt-in to communications during registration by checking relevant boxes. You can also opt-out anytime by following the unsubscribe instructions in emails or contacting us directly.
  5. Frequency of Communications - We will only contact you as necessary to share key updates, offers, and account details. You can customize preferences in your account settings.
  6. Third-Party Communications - We do not share your contact data with third parties for marketing purposes without explicit consent. You can opt-out of third-party sharing via your account.
  7. Security and Data Protection - Your data is securely stored and protected as per our Privacy Policy and data protection laws. We use encryption and access controls.
  8. TCPA Compliance Statement - We are fully committed to complying with all TCPA regulations applicable to our communications.
  9. Do Not Call Registry Compliance - We refrain from contacting anyone listed on the national Do Not Call registry without prior written consent per TCPA rules.
  10. Auto-dialer Usage - We may use auto-dialers for calling and texting after obtaining appropriate consent. Our systems are TCPA-compliant.
  11. State-Specific Regulations - In addition to federal TCPA rules, we also adhere to any state telemarketing laws covering our operations or users.
  12. Contact Information - Please email click here to opt out of any or all communications or call 866-362-5478 with any TCPA-related questions or requests.
  13. Updates to Policies - Our TCPA compliance policies may be updated periodically. Please review regularly for changes.
  14. Effective Date - This TCPA compliance notice is effective as of January 1, 2023.
  15. Revocation of Consent: You have the right to withdraw your consent to receive communications from us at any time. If you decide to do so, simply follow the instructions provided in our emails or contact us directly through the methods outlined in section 12. Please note that revoking your consent will not affect any lawful communications we may need to send, such as transactional or account-related messages.
  16. Record Keeping: To demonstrate our commitment to TCPA compliance, we maintain meticulous records of your consent. These records help us ensure that we only contact individuals who have granted their consent to receive our communications.
  17. Call and Message Content: Rest assured that the content of our calls and messages will always pertain to Contact Center Compliance's products, services, events, or other topics that you have expressed interest in. We do not engage in unsolicited or irrelevant communications.
  1. Introduction - This section outlines our GDPR compliance practices regarding collection and processing of user personal data through our website.
  2. Data Controller Information - the data controller. Email (click here to opt out of any or all communications-link to opt out page) for data inquiries.
  3. Purpose of Data Processing - We process personal data for user accounts, orders, marketing, analytics, product development, and legal obligations.
  4. Legal Basis for Processing - Our legal bases for data processing include user consent, legitimate interests, contractual necessity, and legal compliance.
  5. Types of Data Collected - We collect names, contact information, IP addresses, usage data, and other categories necessary for our purposes outlined above.
  6. Data Subject Rights - You have the right to access, correct, delete, restrict, and port your personal data under GDPR. Contact us to initiate requests.
  7. Consent and Withdrawal - You can consent via opt-in checkboxes or withdraw consent later by emailing (click here to opt out of any or all communications-link to opt out page). We will process withdrawal requests promptly.
  8. Data Sharing - We share data with service providers and public authorities as needed for our legitimate interests and legal obligations.
  9. International Data Transfers - When we transfer data outside the EU, we utilize Standard Contractual Clauses and other valid GDPR transfer mechanisms.
  10. Data Security - We use encryption, anonymization, access controls, and organizational safeguards to protect user data. Our systems are GDPR-compliant.
  11. Data Retention - We retain personal data for as long as required to fulfill the outlined purposes or comply with legal retention periods.
  12. Data Portability: GDPR grants you the right to receive your personal data in a structured, commonly used, and machine-readable format. If technically feasible, we can also transmit this data directly to another data controller upon your request.
  13. Data Breach Reporting: In compliance with GDPR standards, we commit to promptly notifying you and the relevant supervisory authority of any personal data breach that may impact your rights and freedoms, typically within 72 hours of becoming aware of the breach.
  14. Privacy by Design: We adhere to the principle of "privacy by design and by default," ensuring that data protection considerations are integrated into all our data processing activities from the outset, minimizing the risk of data breaches.
  15. Data Processing Records: We maintain detailed records of our data processing activities, as required by GDPR Article 30. These records include information about the types of data we process, the purposes, and the legal basis for processing.
  16. Right to Lodge Complaints: You have the right to lodge complaints regarding our data processing practices with the supervisory authority in your country responsible for data protection matters.
  17. Additional Resources: For those who wish to explore GDPR further, we provide links to relevant GDPR resources and data protection authorities for access to additional information and guidance.
  18. Data Subject Impact: In cases where it is necessary, we conduct Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs) to thoroughly assess and mitigate any risks to your rights and freedoms associated with our data processing activities.
  19. Legal Basis Transparency: We are transparent about the legal basis for processing your data in each specific data processing activity. This may include consent, legitimate interests, contractual necessity, or compliance with legal obligations.
  20. These expanded points provide a more detailed and comprehensive understanding of our commitment to TCPA and GDPR compliance, ensuring transparency and clarity in our communication and data processing practices.