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TCPA Reassigned ID℠

TCPA Reassigned ID℠
Are you accidentally marketing to the wrong person?

You could be at serious risk of violating the TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act). At $500 - $1500 per call or text, these violations add up fast and can be used to fuel a multi-million dollar class action lawsuit. To make things worse, there is no more Safe Harbor provision under the TCPA, meaning that there is now a zero-tolerance for calling the wrong person.

"Numerous TCPA lawsuits today involve the accidental calling [or texting] of wrong or reassigned numbers, creating a significant challenge in the industry. A brand may have consent from Person A and be calling [or texting[ to reach Person A, but if Person B now owns the number and answers, Person B is allowed to sue you for your innocent mistake. Reassigned number and call/text verification scrubbing are absolutely essential to mitigating risk in this regulatory environment."

Eric Allen, Partner at Allen, Mitchell & Allen PLLC
Million telephone numbers
are disconnected each year
approximate mobile phone numbers
reassigned by wireless carriers
every day
percent of data in an average
customer contact list could be
reassigned numbers

We Can Help Reduce Your Risk of a TCPA Violation

TCPA Reassigned ID℠ is an enhanced scrub process that scores and verifies the phone owner and owner’s address and identifies wireless phones. This solution is intended for TCPA compliance purposes, where verification of phone owner (for verification of called party prior consent) and wireless identification are critical.

TCPA Reassigned ID℠ identifies:


Is the Consumer That Provided TCPA Consent
Verifiable at the Carrier Level?

The TCPA mandates that you must prove prior express written consent to market to mobile numbers.

Has the Phone Number Been Reassigned
to Another Party?

If so, you could be calling the wrong person and risk a TCPA violation of up to $1500 per unlawful contact attempt.

Product Benefits:

  • Accesses the most comprehensive and accurate telephone network data
  • Authenticates name, telephone number and type of phone plus consent date
  • Scrub for reassigned numbers via batch, API or through one of our partner integrations.
  • Monitors CRM to identify changes to consumer data and provides automated updates
  • Assigns lead score