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TCPA Compliance | Protect Against TCPA Violations, Fines & Lawsuits

TCPA Compliance | Protect Against TCPA Violations, Fines & Lawsuits

For telephone marketers, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) presents itself as an obstacle course with the highest stakes imaginable. You have to neutralize risk by obtaining the proper form of consent and identify the potential hazards hidden in your data, such as litigators, professional plaintiffs, and reassigned numbers. If you fail, you put yourself and your business at risk of potentially costly lawsuits and regulatory actions. We protect your business from costly TCPA violations, penalties, fines, and class action lawsuits, freeing you to focus on the business itself.

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Proven TCPA Compliance Software

Scrub Your Lists to Avoid TCPA Litigation, Reassigned Numbers & Other Pitfalls

industry leaderTo avoid the many risks the TCPA law presents for telemarketing businesses, you must maintain compliance with all of the TCPA requirements, including calling time restrictions, disclosure requirements, and strict consent requirements. Staying compliant may be difficult but it is mandatory. Fortunately, there are expert solutions that can help you.

At Contact Center Compliance, we utilize an advanced scrubbing tool called DNCScrub® that checks your calling lists against the Do Not Call (DNC) list. For an additional fee, it can also make use of Litigator Scrub®, an award-winning, cloud-based defense against serial TCPA litigators and professional plaintiffs. Our DNCScrub® and Litigator Scrub® solutions are unparalleled solutions that allow you to fully manage compliance with federal, state, and internal DNC lists while integrating with other compliance software to fit your specific needs.

We also provide real-time updates and enterprise-level integrations with platforms you’re already using like Salesforce, Five9, Genesys, ActiveProspect, VICIDial, and Mitel. Whatever your list management platform, Contact Center Compliance can work with it to make sure you’re fully adhering to TCPA rules and regulations.

For businesses that need a more comprehensive or individualized approach to compliance, we offer TCPA consulting. Our industry-leading TCPA expert will work with you to review your compliance plan, assist with federal and state telemarketing registration, conduct compliance risk assessments and vendor compliance audits and reviews, provide TCPA defense strategies, and  TCPA safe harbor guidance, and implement CTIA best practices.

We have performed over 70 billion (and counting) scrubs, with 0 violations, fines, or lawsuits incurred by our clients, allowing them to market with confidence.


Seamlessly integrate with our API or one of our many integrations.

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What Sets Contact Center Compliance Apart?

20 years; over 70 billion scrubs; 0 violations, fines, or lawsuits
Flexible solutions to match your business’s internal processes
Easy integration with the enterprise-level, leading technologies you’re already using
One platform for all your needs, from DNC and TCPA compliance to Data Enhancement

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is prior express consent and prior express written consent under the TCPA?

The simplest way to say it is that prior express consent is provided when a consumer willfully gives an institution their phone number during the normal course of business, and prior express written consent is provided when a consumer both willfully gives an institution their phone number and affirms their consent by signature or an affirmative action such as a button press. See our comprehensive TCPA & DNC FAQ for the complete definition of prior express consent and prior express written consent.

What are the rules, regulations, and requirements of the TCPA?

The core concepts covered by the rules, regulations, and requirements of the TCPA include but are not limited to restrictions on calling times, restrictions on the use of automatic telephone dialing systems, restrictions on the use of artificial voice and prerecorded messages, identification requirements, suppression against the National Do Not Call Registry, internal Do Not Call list requirements, and other policy requirements.

What is the fine for a violation of the TCPA?

TCPA violations are penalized on a per-call basis. Those violations can be assessed as high as $500 per call, trebled up to $1,500 per call for willful violations.

What requirements does the TCPA have for cell phone consent?

The TCPA requires prior express written consent to make calls to cell phones using an automatic telephone dialing system, artificial voice, or prerecorded voice.

What is TCPA consent disclosure?

There is no requirement under the TCPA to use a consent disclosure. However, it is best practice to make use of clear and conspicuous consent disclosures anywhere you request a phone number for marketing purposes. If it is a web form, you can use a checkbox that clearly indicates that the phone number provided will be used for the purposes of marketing. If you acquire consent over the phone, you can require a button press with affirmative language. Make consent disclosures obvious, and clearly define how you will use the phone number, including whether you will use an automatic telephone dialing system or automatic texting platform.

What to look for when evaluating TCPA compliance companies?

A qualified TCPA compliance company will have a proven track record, extensive industry experience, and a team of knowledgeable compliance experts to help you every step of the way. You should keep your eye out for companies who may be cutting corners to offer you a deal. For example, companies with out of date DNC lists, companies who do not require a SAN to scrub against the DNC (this is illegal!), and companies who have a bloated litigator file with very old data.

What is TCPA compliance?

TCPA compliance is the practice of adhering to FCC and FTC telemarketing regulations. A company that fully practices TCPA compliance significantly mitigates its risk of violations, lawsuits, and brand damage.

Is there a TCPA compliance checklist?

We offer a whole library of TCPA Guides and Checklists. A particularly useful guide is our TCPA Consent Checklist.

How to Avoid a TCPA Lawsuit

Free Guide:
How to Avoid a TCPA Lawsuit

These 5 tips to avoid a TCPA lawsuit could help you out of a jam should you ever see yourself in one. Year over year, TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) litigation, fines and settlements continue to rise. Use these tips to your advantage and be proactive in protecting your business from class actions and devastating out of court settlements.

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