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Compliance Guide™

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Our easy-to-use Compliance Guide™ is specifically designed for contact center professionals and backed by leading compliance attorneys. It contains powerful tools to help you easily and quickly analyze the laws as well as your company’s specific exposure to DNC and TCPA regulations.

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Compliance Guide™

Benefits of the Compliance Guide™:

  • Regulation Guide: Access, compare and research all state and federal contact center compliance laws in one dedicated online portal 
  • State Registration: Analyze and determine the state registration fees and exemptions that apply to your particular call campaign
  • Exemption Master: Identifies every regulatory rule that applies to your campaign. Summarizes licensing fees and regulatory guidelines
  • Safe Harbor Wizard: Identifies your call centers most common safe harbor mistakes
  • Compliance Webinars: Lead by industry experts, top attorneys, and legal experts
  • Online Access to all state summaries and statutes
  • Interactive Compliance Map: Interactive USA map that quickly identifies calling rules and DNC metrics for over a dozen DNC scenarios 
  • FAQ’s: Frequently Asked Questions for quick ramp-up on DNC rules

Frequently Asked Questions

What legal statutes are included in the Compliance Guide™?

The Compliance Guide™ includes the statutes from the TCPA, the TSR, all 50 states and Washington D.C.

What is the purpose of the Compliance Guide™?

The purpose of the Compliance Guide™ is to help you quickly and easily analyze DNC guidelines and TCPA regulations.

What other features are included in the Compliance Guide™?

Among other things, our Compliance Guide™ includes a DNC regulatory guide, information on call center regulatory compliance, call compliance, call lists, regulatory updates, regulatory information and compliance guidance, marketing compliance guide, guidance documents, call registry guidance, compliance guidance for phone, fax and pre-recorded message communications, guidance for phone, text marketing and customer service, and state and federal registration guidance.

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