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Compliance Guide™

The most comprehensive regulatory guide in the industry

Specifically designed for contact center professionals and backed by leading compliance attorneys

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Why Compliance Guide™?

Our easy-to-use Compliance Guide™ is specifically designed for contact center professionals and backed by leading compliance attorneys. It contains powerful tools to help you easily and quickly analyze the laws as well as your company’s specific exposure to DNC and TCPA regulations.

Benefits of Compliance Guide™

  • Save time and money with easy access to a wealth of beneficial knowledge

  • Reduce the risk of non-compliance with our easy to use compliance wizard

  • Protect your brand reputation by avoiding costly lawsuits

Key Features of Compliance Guide

  • View Regulatory Rules by Topics and States
  • Analyze and compare compliance requirements state by state
  • Track new legislation and regulatory changes
  • Interactive map of state registration requirements for outbound calls
  • Quick access to federal and state level telemarketing legal statutes
  • Compliance gap analysis wizard
  • Litigator research tool
  • FTC complaint search tool
  • Submit litigators to our database for review

Highlights of Compliance Guide™

  • Understand the specific requirements that apply to your business in each state where you operate. This can be helpful for users who need to identify the states with the most stringent requirements or the states where they have the greatest risk of non-compliance.

  • Quickly and easily determine whether you need to register to make outbound calls in a particular state.

  • Easily look up any known TCPA plaintiff, defendant or related case file

  • Create printable graphs with compliance maps

  • Search for complaints filed with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) related to telemarketing. Research potential competitors or look up your own caller IDs!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What legal statutes are included in the Compliance Guide™?

The Compliance Guide™ includes the statutes from the TCPA, the TSR, all 50 states, and Washington D.C.

What is the purpose of the Compliance Guide™?

The purpose of the Compliance Guide™ is to help you quickly and easily analyze DNC guidelines and TCPA regulations.

What other features are included in the Compliance Guide™?

Among other things, our Compliance Guide™ includes a DNC regulatory guide, information on call center regulatory compliance, call compliance, call lists, regulatory updates, regulatory information and compliance guidance, marketing compliance guide, guidance documents, call registry guidance, compliance guidance for phone, fax and pre-recorded message communications, guidance for phone, text marketing and customer service, and state and federal registration guidance.

Compliance Guide™