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Call Center Compliance Training | DNC & TCPA Compliance Training

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TCPA & DNC Compliance Training for Direct Marketers

Training Master™ enables you to easily comply with Federal requirements that mandate your team to complete TCPA and DNC training. Our customizable DNC training modules are designed to quickly get your agents and supervisors up to speed on the latest TCPA and Do Not Call regulations.

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Benefits of Training Master™:

  • Access cloud-based training videos anywhere, anytime
  • Training and testing programs are fully customizable
  • Designed to meet contact center agents’ training needs
  • Provides added Safe Harbor defense with certificates for each course completed
  • Provides detailed reporting and monitoring
  • Cost-effective solution for training management

Frequently Asked Questions

What is TCPA compliance training?

TCPA compliance training and do not call compliance training modules can offer a way for employers to make sure their employees are educated on their company-specific TCPA and DNC policies and procedures.

Who is required to have compliance training?

All call center employees are required to have TCPA & DNC compliance training in accordance with telemarketing regulations.

What is the purpose of employee compliance training?

The main purpose of compliance training is to create awareness and prepare employees to confidently handle themselves in any relevant situation that could put the company at risk of TCPA and DNC violations.

What are the benefits of compliance training?

Qualified compliance training programs will offer both education and certificates of completion and documentation that proves training was completed. Documentation of call center compliance training is required in order to claim certain safe harbors under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and the Telemarketing Sales Rule (TSR).

Why is employee compliance DNC and TCPA training important?

Compliance courses help your company avoid violations and reduce liability under the TCPA and DNC.

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