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Wal-Mart gets hit by another TCPA class action lawsuit

Last September a class action lawsuit was filed against Wal-Mart in Florida for allegedly making automated prescription refill calls in violation of the TCPA. A new TCPA lawsuit against Wal-Mart has now been filed in the Northern District of Georgia, and is also seeking class action status.

Meet Lemberg Law: Top TCPA Professional Plaintiff

Lemberg Law is just one example of the professional litigants flooding contact centers and their clients with TCPA and related lawsuits.

They have automated the process of documenting complaints from consumers with a Legal Call Blocker application that allows consumer to file complaints directly from their wireless devices.

Here are some startling facts:

FCC Goes After the Little Guys Too!

We are used to seeing the FCC and the FTC go after the big fish--larger companies who have generated numerous complaints and usually thousands of  alleged violations.