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New York Governor Signs New Telemarketing Restrictions Into Law

New York governor Andrew Cuomo scowling at somebody

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a bill into law on Monday that places new restrictions on telemarketers calling residents of that state. The Nuisance Call Act is designed to close loopholes in the state’s existing telemarketing legislation, which was originally passed in 2001.

The new law requires telemarketers to tell New York residents that they have the option of being placed on the internal Do Not Call (DNC) list for the company on whose behalf they are calling. The law also requires that telemarketers receive written consent from consumers before selling or sharing their contact information.

Regarding the law, Governor Cuomo said, “With these new protections, we can help ensure New Yorkers receive fewer unwanted calls and their privacy is protected once and for all.” The new restrictions take effect early next year, 90 days after the bill’s signing.