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Meet Lemberg Law: Top TCPA Professional Plaintiff

Lemberg Law is just one example of the professional litigants flooding contact centers and their clients with TCPA and related lawsuits.

They have automated the process of documenting complaints from consumers with a Legal Call Blocker application that allows consumer to file complaints directly from their wireless devices.

Here are some startling facts:

FCC Goes After the Little Guys Too!

We are used to seeing the FCC and the FTC go after the big fish--larger companies who have generated numerous complaints and usually thousands of  alleged violations.

February State Holiday Calling Alerts

Don't overlook state regulations during this month including Presidents' Day on February 16th. There are also restrictions for Marti Gras (strange but true).  Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Rhode Island, and Utah all prohibit outbound calls on Presidents' Day, February 16th. 

Twitter Loses Motion to Dismiss in Nunes v. Twitter TCPA case

Twitter recently had their motion to dismiss denied in a case that presents several alarming legal trends for the call center industry.  Two primary issues stand out in this case. First, the number that received a text message from Twitter was a “recycled” number.