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FTC and FCC to Co-host Two Robocall Policy Forums

The two federal agencies that affect the telemarketing industry the most, the FTC and the FCC, have announced that they will be co-hosting two events aimed at reducing Illegal Robocalls and Caller ID spoofing.

TCPA Debt Collections Lawsuit Reinstated Against Creditor

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals reinstated a TCPA lawsuit previously dismissed for lack of Article III standing. The court’s decision to reinstate this lawsuit has important implications for defendants who challenge the TCPA at the pleading stage.

JPMorgan Agrees To $2.25 Million TCPA Class Action Settlement

Faced with possible fines in excess of $121 million, JPMorgan Chase agreed to a $2.25 million TCPA class action settlement. The financial services firm was accused of violating the TCPA by autodialing over 200,000 cell phones after their customers had already verbally revoked consent.