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Illegal Robocaller Banned from Telemarketing

The FTC has banned Justin Ramsey and his company, Prime Marketing LLC, from any kind of telemarketing that involves robocalling or dialing numbers on the National Do Not Call Registry. Mr. Ramsey is accused of using two companies to make millions of illegal robocalls to consumers on the National DNC Registry without their consent.

Court of Appeals Strikes Down TCPA Fax Rule

On Friday, March 31, the D.C Circuit Court entered its ruling on Yaakov v. Federal Communications Commission vacating the part of the FCC's 2006 Fax Order that requires the inclusion of opt-out language on faxes that are sent with the prior consent of the recipient.

FCC Declares War on Robocallers with New Rules

In the past, phone companies have used automated blocking tools, but some complained that FCC rules against blocking calls prohibited them from aggressively targeting illegal telemarketers for fear of accidentally blocking legitimate callers.

The Making of a TCPA Class Action Lawsuit

Del Valle v. Global Exchange Vacation Club. In this article, we examine a recent TCPA lawsuit to demonstrate the legal process for evaluating whether a case should move forward with class action status and touch on some simple things you can do to prevent cases like this before you begin your campaigns.

DNC Access Fees Increase For Canadian Telemarketers

Effective April 1, 2017, it will cost telemarketers $48,047 annually to access all area codes of the Canadian Do No Call List (DNCL) for scrubbing, an increase of $1,034. The annual access fee to individual area codes will be $2,875, an increase of $62.

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