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TCPA Compliance Webinars

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Watch our compliance webinars from the past. Contact Center Compliance presents an ongoing series of TCPA Compliance Webinars throughout the year. Don't miss out! Register now for our next webinar.


Michigan is now proposing its own mini-TCPA. The Michigan Telephone Solicitation Act ( House Bill 6307 ) has recently been introduced with a massive size and scope that businesses need to know about. This bill combines a more expansive robocall restriction than the TCPA, huge UDAAP elements of the TSR, and a remarkably unusual protection of “vulnerable numbers” that looks like Elder Abuse protections.

Join us as Eric J. Troutman and Arvell Craig break down this new act and talk about how it could affect your business.

Eric J. Troutman and Aaron S. Weiss join us for a deep dive into the most important ATDS cases of the last year. Arvell Craig will host and we will end the session with a live Q&A.
It’s a new year but TCPA suits have continued to pour in. Despite the ruling in Facebook, ATDS cases are still cluttering the court’s dockets. But DNC and prerecorded calls cases are really exploding right now.
Here’s the TCPA Law of the Land Half a Year After the Big Supreme Court Ruling Hard to believe it has been six months already, but it's true. Half a year has elapsed since the Supreme Court’s big ruling in Facebook v. Duguid and dozens of rulings have been handed down by the courts since. Developments move quickly and we know it can be tough to keep track. As a result, we’ve brought in the Czar to break it all down for you. Eric J. Troutman—renowned TCPA Czar and editor in chief of—identified all the biggest trends and critical takeaways in a wholly-new presentation prepared just for this webinar.
Join us as we unwrap the newly implemented Florida Telemarketing bill (CS/SB 1120). Florida TCPA-expert Aaron S. Weiss, Partner at Carlton Fields will sit down with Neal Kent to discuss the new regulation and what it means for businesses marketing in the state of Florida.
Esteemed speakers Eric J. Troutman, Czar of TCPAWorld and our own Neal Kent return for the 4th installment of our masterclass series on Consent Revocation. This 1-hour masterclass will be followed by a 30 minute Q&A session.
Esteemed speakers Puja Amin of LoanDepot, Eric J. Troutman, Czar of TCPAWorld, and our own Neal Kent return for the 3rd installment of our acclaimed masterclass series on Consent Buyers. This 1-hour masterclass will include a Q&A session with the speakers.
This masterclass will take you on a deep dive into the legal issues surrounding text message marketing. It will equip mobile marketers with the essential knowledge needed to comply with the TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) and safeguard against the explosion of TCPA litigation and class actions that can easily lead to multi-million dollar settlements.