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TCPA Compliance Webinars

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Watch our compliance webinars from the past. Contact Center Compliance presents an ongoing series of TCPA Compliance Webinars throughout the year. Don't miss out! Register now for our next webinar.

Telemarketing lawyer Eric Allen discusses the new TCPA cell phone rules and the October 16 wireless compliance cliff. The new TCPA amendments will drastically affect the call center industry.

Important FCC Issues and Current Defense Strategies, presented by Attorney David Kaminski.

Join attorney David Kaminski for an in-depth review of the current law regarding dialers, consent under the TCPA and the FCC Rulings, and what companies face when seeking to comply with the current state of the law.

Compliance webinar with Mitch Roth and Joe Sanscrainte.

Further discussion of the 2012 FCC regulatory changes with attorneys David Kaminski and Joe Sanscrainte.

Discussion of the 2012 FCC regulatory changes with attorney Joe Sanscrainte.

Agenda includes highlights of the National Do Not Call Registry Data Book with Attorney Joe Sanscrainte.

Attorney Joe Sanscrainte's agenda includes the FTC and FCC's view of liability and a summary of recent enforcement actions.

A follow-up recorded session with questions and answers about the new FCC rules.