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TCPA Compliance Webinars

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Watch our compliance webinars, featuring various experts. Contact Center Compliance presents an ongoing series of TCPA Compliance Webinars  throughout the year. Don't miss out! Register now for our next webinar.

This masterclass will take you on a deep dive into the legal issues surrounding text message marketing. It will equip mobile marketers with the essential knowledge needed to comply with the TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) and safeguard against the explosion of TCPA litigation and class actions that can easily lead to multi-million dollar settlements.

The Supreme Court of the United States has unanimously ruled on the Facebook v. Duguid case, favoring the narrow definition of an autodialer. What does this mean for the future of the TCPA? Eric J. Troutman, Czar of TCPAWorld will break it all down for us. The Supreme Court’s ATDS ruling impacts virtually every business in America and it is GREAT news for callers. Learn what this opinion does and does NOT mean for your business

Our panel of esteemed TCPA experts break down everything you need to know about consent (and revocation) in one easy-to-follow presentation. Neal Kent, senior consultant, will host along with Eric J. Troutman, Czar of TCPAworld, Daniel Delnero, the Archduke of the TCPA, Jeremy Gladstone, Kingmaker, and Puja Amin, the Queenie of the TCPA.

TCPA and DNC compliance are now more critical than ever as FCC, FTC, and TCPA class actions are rising and state-level enforcement is becoming more stringent. Contact centers and companies moving fast into the cloud are especially vulnerable to non-integrated and disparate outbound dialing and compliance systems.

Learn how USAN, an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Service Delivery Partner, and Contact Center Compliance have partnered to deliver a fully compliant cloud-based solution and how companies can implement TCPA and DNC best practices in 2021.

Join us on December 8, 2020, for GAME DAY coverage of the Duguid v. Facebook SCOTUS ATDS Appeal. Czar of TCPAWorld Eric J. Troutman, his team,  and moderator Neal Kent will break down everything learned from the huge oral argument and what the fate of the TCPA’s ATDS definition could mean for you. You don't want to miss this consequential webinar.

While we do not yet know the results of the presidency, one thing is sure—Eric J. Troutman remains the Czar of TCPA World and he’s agreed to join us for an exclusive look at the outcome of the big U.S. Election on the TCPA, the TSR, and FCC and FTC enforcement proceedings moving into the coming year.

Eric will be joined by Archduke of the Realm—Daniel Delnero—and moderator Neal Kent as they break down the impact of the election on the TCPA and regulatory environment impacting YOUR outreach efforts.


David Kaminski,  Partner, Carlson & Messer LLP
Ryan Thurman, Contact Center Compliance

Hold on to your hats and dust off your boots for a down and dirty discussion with David Kaminski, as he rides on his high horse and breaks down controversial topics such as:

Well, just days after the Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of the TCPA the Court has agreed to determine the scope of the statute once and for all. This is the biggest TCPA news.. ever. And we have you covered. Once again the Czar of the TCPA—Eric J. Troutman—has agreed to help us break down this huge news and provide insight on what it means for your business. He’ll be joined by the Archduke of the TCPA—Daniel Delnero—and Puja Amin—the Queenie of the TCPA and in house counsel with loanDepot—who will break down all the recent developments and explain why this cert.

The big decision is in! Esteemed speaker and subject matter expert, Eric J. Troutman, unwraps the Supreme Court's decision and answers questions to explain EXACTLY what the impact of the Supreme Court’s ruling is for your business. He gives you everything you need to know in his patented “plain speak” style.