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TCPA Compliance Webinars

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Watch our compliance webinars from the past. Contact Center Compliance presents an ongoing series of TCPA Compliance Webinars throughout the year. Don't miss out! Register now for our next webinar.

The deadline to comply with CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) is fast approaching. Learn how to equip your company for this monumental consumer privacy rule and how fraud prevention and TCPA risk mitigation go hand in hand with 3 leading experts on CCPA, fraud detection, and TCPA litigation. 
This free, on-demand webinar will equip mobile marketers with the essential TCPA knowledge needed to market on this medium while avoiding costly fines and common traps used by predatory TCPA litigators. Get a deep dive into TCPA compliance and text message marketing.

Latest from the FCC:

  • The Reassigned Number Database
  • STIR/SHAKEN and call blocking/labeling
  • Text Messages as Title 1
  • ATDS re-defined
Gain insights into the direction of the regulatory industry and how it may impact the legality of contact attempts, as well as the TCPA and DNC from well-known industry legal counsel Joann Needleman and LiveVox General Counsel Mark Mallah. Ms. Needleman and Mr. Mallah will share takeaways from business leaders, regulators and key lawmakers, including CFPB Acting Director, Mick Mulvaney from a recent Washington D.C. conference.