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DNCScrub® | DNC Scrubbing Software
DNCScrub® is DNC scrubbing software that leverages a comprehensive database of consumer contact information, enabling companies to efficiently adhere to the latest Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and Do Not Call List (DNC) regulations.

Dealing with one or even hundreds of users is simple with our system. Track users in multiple call centers or departments and assign Administrator, Supervisor or Agent user permissions as appropriate. Scrub up to over 200,000 records per minute or get sub-second responses with our real-time API. 

All user actions are logged with their source IP address and can be viewed in audit reports. Get detailed breakdowns on scrubbed files, daily scrub summaries and access to investigate scrub history to monitor and track for safe harbor.

Our technology allows files to be uploaded in almost any common data format, via our web interface, through SFTP or our easy to integrate web service API. The system then finds telephone numbers within a file and scrubs them based on parameters set for that campaign.

DNCScrub℠ maximizes the amount of telephone numbers retained in data by applying relevant exemptions, while maintaining compliance with complex federal and state laws specific to the type of business and location of the campaign. Our DNCScrub℠ is a cost effective and user-friendly for full Federal and State list suppression, but also allows for TCPA wireless and litigant list scrubbing at the same time.

DNCScrub® Features

Wireless ID℠

Identifies both wireless carrier block numbers and ported wireless numbers.


Identifies and removes VoIP numbers which we recommend treating the same as wireless numbers under TCPA laws.


Retroactively scrubs records after DNC updates.


Allows users to enter one, several or a small batch of phone numbers.


Helps mitigate the risk of a State-specific violation during restricted call dates using state and federal requirements.

Disconnect Scrub℠

Get disconnect flags for each phone number to help reduce costs and improve conversion.

Do Not Call Policy Services

Easily Create Your Do Not Call Policy in Minutes

Federal Law requires that every entity engaged in any form of telesales (even outsourced campaigns) must maintain a Do Not Call policy. Further, this policy must be provided to consumers upon demand.

Our DNC Policy Editor assists in maintaining customized DNC policies for each project:

  • Highlighted template policy makes it easy to modify the template policy to fit your particular situation.
  • Maintain full control over the wording of the policy.
  • Policies are promptly mailed with actual client's information at the top, rather than a boilerplate policy of the Agency.