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TCPA Reassigned ID℠
Reduce your risk of TCPA violations with TCPA Reassigned ID℠

TCPA Reassigned ID℠ is an enhanced scrub process that scores and identifies the phone owner and owner’s address and identifies wireless phones along with the current carrier for the phone. This solution is intended for TCPA compliance purposes, where verification of phone owner (for verification of called party prior consent) and wireless identification are critical.


Around 35 Million

telephone numbers are disconnected each year

Approximately 100,000

mobile phone numbers are reassigned by Wireless carriers every day

Product Benefits:

  • Accesses the most comprehensive and accurate telephone network data
  • Provides on-demand, up-to-the-minute right party verification
  • Authenticates name, telephone number and type of phone plus consent date
  • Monitors CRM to identify changes to consumer data and provides automated updates
  • Assigns lead score



TCPA Reassigned ID℠ identifies:


Has the Phone Number Been Reassigned to Another Party?

Reduce risk of calling a wrong number and paying upwards of $1,500 per TCPA violation.

Is the Entity That Provided TCPA Consent Verifiable at the Carrier Level?

This enhanced process scores the name, address and phone number against real-time wireless carrier data.

Re-Assigned Numbers Can Make Up As Much As 20% of an Average Customer's Data

Make sure your data is up to date and can withstand the limited FCC One Call Safe Harbor Rule for Re-Assigned Numbers.

Scrub for re-assigned numbers via batch, API or through one of our partner integrations.

Are You Calling Known TCPA Litigators?

Don't take the risk.