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7 Riskiest Dialing Methods Under the TCPA - Overview
7 Riskiest Dialing Methods Under the TCPA

Some dialing methods present the possibility of incurring violations of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) that could result in awards of $500 per violation and up to $1,500 per willful violation. Plaintiffs can seek redress in small claims court or through class action lawsuits. There are hundreds of class action TCPA lawsuits awarding millions of dollars in damages every year. However, not every calling method provides the same level of risk. For example, there is almost no DNC or TCPA risk when dialing manually, making it the safest method by far.

This guide gives you an overview of different dialing methods while answering certain questions, such as:

  • Which dialing methods are the riskiest for marketers?
  • What recent court cases provide relevant guidance on the riskiness of each dialing method?

Finally, we assign a risk score to each of the 7 riskiest dialing methods for your reference.

Dialing Method Risk Score
Autodialer (Live Agent) 7/10
Autodialer (Prerecorded) 10/10
Autodialer (Avatar) 9/10
Predictive Dialer 6/10
Click-to-Dial 3/10
Ringless Voicemail 7/10
Automated Text Message 10/10

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