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Litigator Scrub®:

The industry’s trusted cloud-based defense against serial plaintiffs and “lawsuit mill” litigators who target and even entrap companies for TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) violations.

  • Recommended for text marketing campaigns - the hottest area of TCPA litigation
  • Works for both inbound and outbound campaigns
  • Identifies serial TCPA plaintiffs & litigators while running wireless, VoIP and DNC (Do Not Call) scrubs
  • Updated in real time from original court documents
  • Authoritative data sources exclusive to Contact Center Compliance


Why use Litigator Scrub®?
It's simply the best way to mitigate your risk of a TCPA lawsuit. Approximately ⅓ of TCPA lawsuits are brought by the same serial plaintiffs and litigators. The Bloomingdale’s case is a perfect example: one of the firms that brought the case forward had filed 2,400 TCPA-related lawsuits. Identifying these repeat players before any inbound or outbound campaign is the smartest preventative measure companies can make to reduce their exposure to TCPA related risk.

How does it work?
Using our proprietary database, we identify serial TCPA plaintiffs and litigators from your data. Once flagged, we can remove them from your data while running Wireless, VoIP and DNC scrubs.

When should I run Litigator Scrub®? Does it work on inbound and outbound campaigns?
You can run Litigator Scrub® before any inbound or outbound campaign with our API. Yes, it works on both inbound and outbound campaigns.