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CFPB announces rule making proceedings to deal with mandatory arbitration clauses

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (“CFPB”) has completed their study on the use of arbitration clauses in connection with consumer financial products or services, and is beginning the process of issuing regulations restricting the use of certain arbitration clauses in contracts relating to financial products and services.

Court denies class action status in Sherman v. Yahoo! Inc.

In a well-reasoned order, the court in Sherman v. Yahoo! Inc. has denied the plaintiff’s motion for class certification. The District Court for the Southern District of California reached several decisions in this case that could be very useful for other businesses defending themselves from similar TCPA lawsuits.

TCPA Update from PACE 2015 TCPA Summit

Given the recent July 10 FCC ruling, it is no surprise that this year’s PACE leadership summit in Washington D.C. focused primarily on the TCPA.  Government guest speakers included FCC Commissioner Michael O’Reilly, who dissented from the FCC’s June ruling, and FTC Director of Consumer Protection Jessica Rich.