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TCPA for Automotive

Even two decades into the 21st century, the automobile retains its place near the center of the American identity. Thus, automotive dealerships occupy an important role in the creation and recreation of American mythology. Unfortunately, they also occupy a place in another key aspect of American mythology: its vast and confusing regulatory apparatus. In particular, car dealerships are governed—perhaps unknowingly so—by the complicated system of telemarketing regulations.

In recent years, car dealerships have reached multimillion-dollar settlements for class actions stemming from violations of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). In a litigation environment where professional plaintiffs and litigator sharks are looking for easy targets, many find themselves circling auto dealerships. This guide will explain what the TCPA means specifically for dealerships, offering an illustrative case study and some best practices for car dealerships to protect themselves from TCPA violations and their consequences.

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