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This free, on-demand webinar will equip mobile marketers with the essential TCPA knowledge needed to market on this medium while avoiding costly fines and common traps used by predatory TCPA litigators.
Latest from the FCC: -The Reassigned Number Database -STIR/SHAKEN and call blocking/labeling -Text Messages as Title 1 -ATDS re-defined Case law developments: -Fluctuating ATDS standards -Latest professional plaintiff and plaintiffs’ bar tactics -Revocation in call vs. text message cases -Consent & LeadGen

Hosted by Berkeley Research Group and will feature speakers:

  • Peggy Daley, Managing Director at BRG
  • Debra Bernard, Partner at Perkins Coie
  • Ryan Thurman, Director of Sales at Contact Center Compliance

This hour long webinar will discuss the growing problem of reassigned numbers and whether the FCC's new database will address the issue with actionable information for businesses.  Topics to be discussed include:

At a recent event featuring legislative members, including CFPB Acting Director, Mick Mulvaney, business leaders met on Capitol Hill to gain insight on the future direction of the CFPB and TCPA. Well-known industry counsel Joann Needleman and LiveVox General Counsel Mark Mallah share their take-aways in this 1-hour webinar.

Three of the leading TCPA defense attorneys discussing how the recent D.C Circuit Court ruling should affect your company’s TCPA compliance procedures. An in depth discussion of the FCC’s evolving definition of an autodialer, the possibility of a nationalized reassigned number database.

An in depth discussion on what the D.C. Circuit Court decision may mean for your compliance practices, led by three of the top TCPA attorneys practicing today.

On Friday, March 16, 2018, the D.C. Circuit at last issued its long awaited decision on the challenge to the Federal Communication Commissions (FCC) 2015 Omnibus Declaratory Ruling and Order.

Covers best TCPA and Do Not Call compliance practices to mitigate legal risk. Featuring Eric Allen of Allen, Mitchell, and Allen.

TCPA Webinar featuring Eric Allen of Allen, Mitchell, and Allen.

Lawyer, Michael C. Lueder of Foley & Lardner LLP, shares best practices for mitigating TCPA risk and the operational demands it creates.

Compliance update on TCPA and TSR rules with attorney Eric Allen

Attorney Nick Whisler, Ryan Thurman of Contact Center Compliance, Geoff Mina, CEO of Connect First, discussing recent changes with TCPA compliance.

FCC Order Generates TCPA Hurdles for a Wide Net of Companies. All businesses need to scrutinize communication strategies to avoid increased liability under the TCPA.

Attorney Eric Allen provides an important update on telemarketing law and TCPA, highlighting the TCPA and the new wireless and dialer rules.

Mobile Communications Marketing: Effective Compliance Strategies to Avoid Penalties and Lawsuits Under the TCPA presented by attorneys Christine M. Reilly and David J. Kaminski.

Where is the FCC headed with the TCPA? What can companies expect? Can changes be made on the legislative front and when will all of this happen? Presented by attorney David J. Kaminski.

The TCPA is confusing and non-compliance can be costly. Attorney Eric Allen give you the play book to remain in full compliance.

Attorney Christine M. Reilly provides a brief overview of the provisions and consent requirements applicable to the debt collection industry as well as practical guidance on how companies can obtain effective consent through various mediums, including telephone calls, SMS text messages, email, and websites.

With all of the new TCPA rulings and court decision, how can companies navigate the SCARY TCPA waters, comply with the law, and still conduct their business?

Attorneys David Kaminski and Christine Reilly present changes TCPA consent regulations.

Telemarketing lawyer Eric Allen discusses the new TCPA cell phone rules and the October 16 wireless compliance cliff. The new TCPA amendments will drastically affect the call center industry.

Important FCC Issues and Current Defense Strategies, presented by Attorney David Kaminski.

Join attorney David Kaminski for an in-depth review of the current law regarding dialers, consent under the TCPA and the FCC Rulings, and what companies face when seeking to comply with the current state of the law.

Compliance webinar with Mitch Roth and Joe Sanscrainte.

Further discussion of the 2012 FCC regulatory changes with attorneys David Kaminski and Joe Sanscrainte.

Discussion of the 2012 FCC regulatory changes with attorney Joe Sanscrainte.

Agenda includes highlights of the National Do Not Call Registry Data Book with Attorney Joe Sanscrainte.

Attorney Joe Sanscrainte's agenda includes the FTC and FCC's view of liability and a summary of recent enforcement actions.

A follow-up recorded session with questions and answers about the new FCC rules.