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Earlier today, we hosted a webinar titled Everything You Need to Know About the Michigan Telephone Solicitation Act. Contact Center Compliance’s Arvell Craig hosted Eric J. Troutman of TCPAWorld and the Troutman Firm to discuss the potentially important, new, proposed telemarketing legislation currently being considered by the Michigan legislature.

Among the aspects of the Michigan Telephone Solicitation Act that were discussed include:

  • Parsing the definitions of important terms such as “telephone solicitation,” “automatic dialing and announcing device (ADAD),” “lead generation,” “subscriber’s express verifiable authorization,” and others
  • Explaining the key provisions relating to the use of ADADs, DNC list restrictions, rules for the use of DIDs, disclosure requirements, and others
  • Reading through the law’s significant and unprecedented regulations for lead generators
  • Going through the various exemptions and, sometimes, looking at inconsistencies and ambiguities created by those exemptions
  • Looking at the enforcement methods and penalties, including the up-to-$1,000-per-violation penalties associated with the private right of action and up-to-$25,000-per-violation penalties associated with attorney general enforcement actions
  • Explaining the enhanced penalties for violations stemming from calls to “vulnerable individuals”
  • Gaming out the possible incentives and disincentives of the provision that allows reasonable attorney’s fees to be included in the penalties
  • Comparing the law to other state and federal laws

This was a very thorough examination of this potentially important law—Eric literally went through the key text of the bill line-by-line with a highlighter. It is important to note that this is merely proposed legislation and may or may not become law or may be significantly changed before being signed into law. But if this bill does become law in its current form, this webinar will be a valuable resource.
To see the recording of the webinar, click HERE.