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Webinar Recap: What You Need to Know About Upcoming FCC Rulemaking, Exemptions, Robocall Mitigation, and More

Call center operators sitting in their cubicles, wearing headsets, depicted from behind

Recently we hosted a entitled What You Need to Know About Upcoming FCC Rulemaking, Exemptions, Robocall Mitigation, and More. Hosted by Contact Center Compliance’s Chief Product Officer, Isaac Shloss, and with our esteemed guest Michele Shuster, Partner at MacMurray & Shuster LLP, this webinar covered a variety of important topics with nuance and depth.

As Isaac said at the outset of the webinar, “It’s been a busy year.” As a result, this webinar covered a number of different aspects of the marketing regulation landscape. The topics that Isaac and Michele covered included the following:

  • The FCC’s TRACED-Act-mandated restrictions on TCPA exemptions for prerecorded voice calls
  • The consequences of these new rules for political campaigns, in anticipation of the looming 2024 campaign season
  • The importance of adhering to recordkeeping requirements, particularly when changing from one call center platform to another
  • Disclosure and opt-out requirements
  • The significant NPRMs that the FCC is working through right now
  • SIP code information for callers whose calls are being blocked
  • CNAM requirements and STIR/SHAKEN attestation
  • Tips on how to navigate the FCC’s website for information about rulemaking and comments
  • Proposed rules about traceback requests and call-blocking requirements for voice service providers
  • Connecticut’s new telemarketing law, its provisions, and its potential consequences—particularly relating to its requirements about do not call requests, disclosure requirements, and the time limits related to these requirements
  • A notable complaint filed by multiple attorneys general relating to a voice service provider who was accused of facilitating scam calls and how that relates to certain standard practices within the industry
  • Snowshoeing, local touch DIDs, and shared short codes
  • Another Facebook (or Meta) case involving the TCPA’s autodialer definition
  • Proposed FTC restrictions related to consent and marketing partner lists

By design, this webinar covered multiple topics and, as always, delved into the complexity of telemarketing regulations. Isaac and Michele also gave some in-depth answers to participant questions. As a result, it may be valuable to review the recording, which can be found here.