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T-Mobile May Block All Debt Collection Text Messages to Its Users

In November of last year, telecommunications carrier T-Mobile quietly made a change to its Code of Conduct that could potentially have enormous consequences: it listed debt collection among what it considers to be “disallowed content.” As a result, it is possible that T-Mobile will block all debt collection text messages—even those that are legal and sent with the consent of the recipient—to it

Collections Compliance: the Laws that Govern the Collections Industry

Both telemarketing and debt collection are, quite literally, risky businesses. Both fields are highly regulated, governed by complex legislation, and subject to potentially expensive penalties and litigation. Compliance in either field is complicated enough on its own but compliance for debt collectors who use telephone solicitation in order to conduct their business imposes difficulties to an extent beyond the mere sum of the complexities of either field on its own.

CFPB Asks FCC to Allow Robocalls from Banks About Financial Relief Programs Related to the Coronavirus Crisis

In an unusual move relative to its customary stance on such issues, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has requested that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) ease restrictions on the use of automated phone calls by banks and financial institutions in order to communicate with consumers about the various financial relief programs and services available  to the public in

Leaked Email Reveals A New Pro-Business CFPB

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is going through major changes under the new leadership of Mick Mulvaney. In a leaked internal email sent by President Trump’s acting director to staff, he issued his mission statement and set a clear new course for the CFPB.

Senate Holds Hearing on Abusive Lawsuits

On November 8th, the Senate Committee on the Judiciary held a two hour hearing entitled “The Impact of Lawsuit Abuse on American Small Businesses and Job Creators”.