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July Grab Bag

The FCC and Ohio AG go after a robocaller, Perrong sues Oz, and the DC Circuit upholds the TRACED Act's changes to TCPA exemptions.

2022 August Restricted Do Not Call Dates

State Restricted Do Not Call Dates

August 8, 2022 – Victory Day

  • Rhode Island

Canadian Restricted Do Not Call Dates

August 1, 2022 – Civic Holiday

  • All except Quebec and Yukon

2022 July Restricted Do Not Call Dates

Calls to these States on restricted Do Not Call (DNC) dates could result in a potential State violation:

State Restricted Do Not Call Dates

July 4, 2022 – Independence Day

  • Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Utah

July 24, 2022 – Pioneer Day

Third Circuit Ruling Involves Expansive Autodialer Definition

The Third Circuit Court of Appeals handed down an unusual ruling in a Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) class action that managed to set conflicting precedents on autodialer claims. Ultimately, the court ruled in favor of the defendant in Panzarella v. Navient Solutions, Inc. but the specifics of the ruling could prove influential on future litigation.

Compelled Arbitration as a TCPA Defense Strategy

In recent months, multiple notable Telephone Consumer Protect Act (TCPA) court decisions have hinged on questions of arbitrability and the enforcement of mandatory arbitration clauses. These clauses are a valuable method of defense for callers and TCPA defendants, but they are not a simple, end-all-be-all solution. They are a complex legal defense strategy and a topic of considerable depth and nuance.