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Car Dealerships Settle TCPA Class Action for $850,000

A 1963 Chevy Impala convertible

Thu, 10/15/2020 - 14:46

A group of car dealerships settled a Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) class action—King v. Classic Chevrolet, Case No.: 4:19-CV-0429-CVE-JFJ, 2020 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 189783 (N.D. Ok.  October 14, 2020)—stemming from alleged text message marketing violations.

The defendants settled for $850,000, which is actually something of discount, considering the alleged violations involved texts to 118,000 unique telephone numbers. Even if each number was only texted once, that could have resulted in a verdict of nearly $60,000,000, at the TCPA’s standard maximum penalty of $500-per-violation.

The plaintiffs attorneys in this case specialize in lawsuits against car dealerships, emphasizing the need for diligent compliance strategies for these sorts of businesses.