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TCPA Outlook for 2023 Webinar Recap

Earlier today we hosted a webinar, TCPA Outlook for 2023 with Czar of TCPAWorld, Eric J. Troutman. It was a wide ranging, informative, somewhat off the cuff discussion between Eric and Contact Center Compliance Director of Compliance Services, Arvell Craig. They covered the current state of the marketing and calling industry and what likely lies in the year ahead.

Litigators Targeting Chat Bots for CIPA Wiretapping Claims

Back in June, we covered an unusual case, Javier v. Active Prospect, in which the Ninth Circuit issued an unpublished opinion in which it accepted a plaintiff’s argument that the use of Active Prospect’s TrustedForm screen recording technology to capture consumer consent could constitute illegal wiretapping under the California Invasion of Privacy Act (CIPA).

Webinar Recap: Berman, Javier, Wrong Numbers, and Arbitration

Contact Center Compliance’s most recent webinar—Berman, Wrong Numbers, & Arbitration—covered a wide variety of important topics in the world of Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) compliance. Our guest, the esteemed Eric J. Troutman from TCPAWorld and the Troutman Firm, discussed these topics with Contact Center Compliance’s Director of Compliance Services, Arvell Craig.