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TCPA Outlook for 2023 Webinar Recap

A silhouette of a man jumping from a cliff that is labeled 2022 to one that is labeled 2023, seascape at sunset in the background

Earlier today we hosted a webinar, TCPA Outlook for 2023 with Czar of TCPAWorld, Eric J. Troutman. It was a wide ranging, informative, somewhat off the cuff discussion between Eric and Contact Center Compliance Director of Compliance Services, Arvell Craig. They covered the current state of the marketing and calling industry and what likely lies in the year ahead.

Among the topics discussed were the following:

  • How the current political landscape seems likely to unleash the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
  • What Eric forecasts in the increasingly prominent field of state telemarketing laws—particularly the concerning proposals in Michigan
  • The uneasy post-Facebook status of autodialer enforcement, with a mixture of positive short term circumstances but a murkier future due to an emerging circuit court split in interpreting the Facebook ruling
  • A thorough and significant discussion of the circumstances behind the FCC’s shocking decision to shut down Urth Access, an originating carrier, for allowing allegedly unconsented robocalls to be sent through their network—this is really the crux of the webinar, hitting on consequences for leads buyers and seller, the effective end of multi-vertical leads, and the long term threats to call deliverability for all callers as telecom carriers adjust to this broad escalation of FCC powers
  • What the FCC’s 2022 hiring spree and FTC posturing seems to mean for the leads industry
  • The likely trends forthcoming regarding consumer privacy litigation, particularly with regards to California Invasion of Privacy Act (CIPA) lawsuits following last year’s Javier ruling

While there were no slides this time, it was a very in depth conversation covering a lot of complex topics. For anybody wishing to watch the recording, click here.