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Regulatory Enforcement

FCC's Reassigned Number Database Becomes Final Rule

The FCC's long awaited reassigned number database has officially become a final rule. In December of last year, the FCC announced its intention to create this database, which will, "contain the most recent permanent disconnection date for toll free numbers and for each number allocated to or ported to each provider that receives North American Numbering Plan U.S.

Telemarketing Charity Fundraiser Fined $250,000

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) asked the Department of Justice (DOJ) to file a complaint against the Ohio based charity and political fundraiser, InfoCision. The company is alleged to have violated the Telemarketing Sales Rule (TSR) by making false or misleading statements that induce consumers to make donations.

Leaked Email Reveals A New Pro-Business CFPB

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is going through major changes under the new leadership of Mick Mulvaney. In a leaked internal email sent by President Trump’s acting director to staff, he issued his mission statement and set a clear new course for the CFPB.

Dish Network’s Damages TREBLED for TCPA Violation

The federal court denied Dish Network’s motion to reduce or set aside the trebled damages awarded in Krakauer v. Dish Network. Dish ordered to pay treble damages of $61.5 million to class members in a TCPA lawsuit.

FTC Shuts Down Lead Generation Business

A lead generation business in the solar industry settled with the FTC the charge that it violated the TSR. The companies, operated by brothers Francisco and Julio Salvat, placed millions of illegal calls to consumers listed on the Do Not Call Registry.

TSI Claims Court Victory in ATDS Debate

Transworld Systems Inc. (TSI) scored another victory in its defense against a TCPA lawsuit that sought to categorize their LiveVox Human Call Initiator devise as an Automated Dialing System (ATDS). The plaintiff claimed that TSI violated the TCPA when they made multiple debt collections calls to his cellphone without his prior expressed consent.

Compliance ALERT: Impact of EU Data Privacy Regulation

Brace yourself for the next wave of data protection rules from our European neighbors. Time is running out for marketers to begin preparations for the new data privacy regulation adopted by the European Union (EU). The EU Parliament approved the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on April 14, 2016.

Don’t Be Fooled: How Telemarketers Get Tricked Into Phony TCPA Lawsuits

Like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, the new breed of litigator may be hiding in your marketing data. Serial litigators are experienced plaintiffs who know all the tricks to lure a telemarketing business into a TCPA lawsuit; or worse, an even more costly class action. Serial litigators could be anyone, including the person receiving your next marketing call.

$120 Million Fine Largest Ever Against CallerID Spoofer

The FCC claims that Adrian Abramovich engaged in "neighbor spoofing," which is when ID information that is displayed on a caller ID is falsified to display the area code and the first three digits of the recipient's own phone number. This is a tactic used to increases the odds that the consumer will answer.