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State of Emergency Declared in Louisiana - All Telephonic Solicitation Prohibited

Update: Conditions of the storm have allowed the release of the Louisiana Public Service Commission from mandatory its EOC presence, beginning July 15, 2019 at 12:00 PM PT.  Telephone solicitations into the state can resume as normal. Louisiana has declared an emergency which prohibits unsolicited telemarketing calls into the state effective 6:00 am today. I'll keep an eye on the status and let you know when it is lifted. Current Status: EOC Presence Released - All Telephonic Solicitation May Resume as Normal

Advisory: Extreme Weather in Texas

Note: While there is no legal prohibition to solicitation calls to Texas, we recommend you exercise caution before marketing to consumers in areas affected by the flooding. 

Hurricane Michael Do Not Call Advisory

UPDATE 10/11/18: President Donald Trump has declared a federal state of emergency in Georgia.

While there is no legal prohibition for solicitation calls to Florida, Alabama or Georgia, these states are in declared states of emergency. We recommend you exercising caution before contacting consumers in affected areas.

Advisory: State of Emergency Declared in Utah

Governor Gary Herbert declared a state of emergency in Utah due to potential flooding from Tropical Storm Rosa, effective October 9th, 2018. While telemarketing is not legally restricted during a declared state of emergency in Utah, it is recommended that companies limit solicitation calls to Utah during this time.


Hurricane Florence Do Not Call (DNC) Advisory Update

The devastating impact of Hurricane Florence is still being felt in the Carolinas and Virginia. While there is no legal telemarketing prohibition in place, we urge people to use caution soliciting to residents of those states.
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