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FTC and State of Florida Shut Down Debt-Relief Robocallers

On June 8, 2016, US District Judge Carlos Mendoza of Florida entered a temporary restraining order against Life Management Services and a number or related entities and individuals. The case was brought by the FTC and the State of Florida working together.

FCC Establishes new Consumer Help Data Center

Last week, the FCC expanded upon their previous release of unaudited complaint data, which the FCC started making available late last year.  Now, site users can not only access the complaint data, but can also access brand new complaint mapping, location and charting features, or access the FCC's data through an API to create their own charts and the like. 

Trump Campaign Faces Two TCPA Class Actions

Two different plaintiffs filed separate TCPA nationwide class actions in federal court for the Northern District of Illinois against Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.  Both plaintiffs allege that the Trump Campaign sent them a text message with the following message: “Reply YES to subscribe to Donald J. Trump for President.  Your subscription will help Make America Great Again!

Did you know that your neck could be on the line?

A new ruling in New York specifies that litigators can effectively go after well-intentioned individuals for TCPA violations, not just businesses. The ruling also extends prosecution beyond those who directly committed the violation. Anyone associated with the action, such as a supervisor or director could be held responsible. 

$18 Million TCPA Class Action Settlement

Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC (“Portfolio”) recently settled a multi-district class action that included roughly 7.4 million class members.  Plaintiffs allege that Portfolio violated the TCPA by placing calls to cell phones using an ATDS without their consent.